Paphos resident bowls for success in Scottish championship

Linda Ryan is representing Cyprus in the World Bowls Singles Champion of Champions competition, taking place this weekend in Scotland.

Ryan came to live in Paphos in May 2005. She previously lived in the UK, where she bowled for England for four years, as a member of the indoor and outdoor associations.

A peaceful setting for a once-terrifying disease

FOR MOST of us leprosy is up there with plagues of locusts and the Black Death. They all evoke man’s brutal – and all too often brief – existence back in biblical and medieval times. All three belong firmly in the past.

Yet, there are three elderly ladies living a peaceful existence in a home in Larnaca who will tell you otherwise.

Lethal weapons sold for a pittance

As increasing knife crime becomes a major problem for police forces across the EU, the unrestricted sale of knives is enjoying a boom in Cyprus, with virtually all seaside gift shops and kiosks selling some kind of deadly weaponry.

Are you ashamed to be Cypriot?


Yes, it was a great night for Anorthosis this week and congratulations to all.

However, while watching the match, and looking at the crowd, I noticed there was not one Cypriot flag amongst the so called fans. What’s going on? Are Anorthosis fans ashamed to be Cypriot?

How to tackle rowdy Israeli youths in Napa


Eli Minoff’s suggestions (Sunday Mail, August 24) for stopping the unruly behaviour of Israeli youths in Cyprus – namely that they should either be accompanied by a parent or not allowed entry and be punished with imprisonment when offending – should not be considered by Cypriot authorities.

Limnitis decision ‘poisons atmosphere’

THE REFUSAL to temporarily open the Limnitis checkpoint is “an unfavourable development that poisons the atmosphere”, the Government spokesman said yesterday.

Stefanos Stefanou was commenting on the Turkish Cypriot leadership’s decision on Friday to refuse Kato Pyrgos residents entry through the Limnitis checkpoint to attend an organised pilgrimage to Ayios Mamas in Morphou.

Farmers dismiss milk results

FARMERS have challenged the results of recent tests by the State Lab that indicated aflatoxin levels over the permissible limits in fresh milk dairy farms in Larnaca on Friday.

Early trial for man accused of raping daughter

A MAN accused of raping his teenage daughter on a building site has been sent straight to trial by Nicosia District Court.

The 36-year-old father from Nicosia has been charged with raping his daughter twice over the past month, once at home and again on a deserted building site.

No Beijing-style celebrations on Day One

FOR THE first time since the disastrous Burgenstock lock-in four years ago, the leaders of the two communities will sit down for fully fledged negotiations this Wednesday.

A delicate balance to save our farmers

OVER THE YEARS, we have come to associate Cypriot farmers with aggressive behaviour, disruptive protests and constant demands for state funds. Always pandered to by vote-hungry politicians, the farming community has acquired a reputation as a collection of selfish scroungers who consider it their right to be compensated by the state when things do not go well.