Are you ashamed to be Cypriot?


Yes, it was a great night for Anorthosis this week and congratulations to all.

However, while watching the match, and looking at the crowd, I noticed there was not one Cypriot flag amongst the so called fans. What’s going on? Are Anorthosis fans ashamed to be Cypriot?

If people from Europe tuned in to see the match, they would be forgiven if they thought they were watching a football game between two Greek sides.

The so-called Cypriots missed the opportunity to promote Famagusta, and the divided island of ours.

The fans are great at throwing stones at each other and breaking people’s property, but to promote their country they don’t. This is yet another example showing the people and the politics of Cyprus as stupid.

Do we think that the whole of Europe knows where we are and what the Cyprus situation is? Talking to some British people they think Athens is one of the Greek islands. The same people will not know that Anorthosis is a Cypriot football team. Australia and New Zealand don’t wave the British flag. In the recent Olympic Games, we had the Cypriot flag.

What the hell is wrong with you Anorthosis fans? Listening to the Greek football commentators on ERT, not once did I hear them say about Anorthosis as a Greek side, but always a Cypriot side. Again Anorthosis fans, are you ashamed of being Cypriot? I didn’t hear the so-called motherland call you brothers.

Pambos Kourtoulos