EU’s damning report on disabled

THE EUROPEAN Commission came up against a brick wall in Cyprus when it tried to gather information from the government for an EU-wide report on people with disabilities, it said.

“The collection of data about residential services for people with disabilities in Cyprus has proven a very difficult task. The establishment of key-contacts within the country has been impossible.

Young father first victim of the cold

A YOUNG Romanian man yesterday collapsed and died whilst having a shower.

Though a post-mortem today is set to determine the exact reasons behind the 25-year-old father of two’s death, it is most likely that the unfortunate man died because of the cold.

Were you cold yesterday? Everyone was…

CYPRUS’ mountainous and hillside mountain communities were yesterday covered in a white blanket of snow, as the island experienced one of the coldest days of this year’s winter.

Man charged with indecent assault

A YOUNG woman has accused a man of indecently assaulting her in the middle of a busy road on Tuesday evening.

The 23-year-old woman managed to escape the suspect by hailing an on-coming motorist, who took her to the Ayios Dometios police station where she filed a complaint.

Ghost cameras to stay until legal action ends

THE DEFUNCT traffic cameras dotting the island’s roads will not be removed for now — at least not until the legal action taken by Electromatic Consultants Ltd (the company which installed the system) against the Republic of Cyprus has been resolved.

Mechanic faces law suit for stubbing out cigarettes outside plane

AN AIRPLANE mechanic may have averted a major catastrophe at Larnaca Airport when he snatched the cigarettes from two passengers who lit up just metres away from a plane with a full fuel-tank.

For his troubles, he has been rewarded with a law suit from the two disgruntled smokers.

CY unions to meet over airport handling venture

THE TWO Cyprus Airways (CY) unions involved in the ongoing dispute with management over a proposed ground handling venture with another company will meet today to decide their next move.

Two arrested for fraud and drug possession

TWO LIMASSOL men have been arrested in a case that combines fraud and drug possession, police said yesterday.

The two suspects, a 28-year-old postman and his 32-year-old friend, claimed they were oblivious to each other’s wrongdoings, police reported.

Foreign parents with joint custody may face prosecution if they leave

A PARENT who decides to leave Cyprus with his or her children without first seeking the approval of their other half could soon be subject to criminal prosecution.

In its January 3 sitting, the Cabinet approved a bill submitted by the Justice Ministry that is set to alter the Penal Code. The proposed law will be submitted to the House Legal Committee for examination and approval.