Two held in child porn raids

TWO men were arrested yesterday on suspicion of possession and distribution of child pornography through the internet.

Remember Magna Carta

Andrew Gilligan’s article (Cyprus Mail, May 17) that “even hijackers and killers have rights” had my co-villager Peter Davis (whom I do not know) “spitting in his soup” (letters, May 21).  Surely, he said, such people should “have no rights whatsoever”.

Eleftheria Square questions

Having read your article about Eleftheria Square (May 28), I felt that at last, someone was asking the right questions.

I attended the exhibition of all the entries that quietly took place in the Famagusta Gate and was very impressed by the many plans that were presented that were not so “invasive” as the winning entry.  

Poison is not the answer

The despicable and indiscriminate poisoning of animals with Lanate, has yet again received widespread and justifiable publicity.

Heart rending accounts of owners watching their pets in the excruciatingly painful process of dying, have been moving and sickening. Just as sickening, are the reactions of people who condone the use of Lanate as a measure of control.

Man accused of raping ex-girlfriend

A 22-YEAR-old man from the Larnaca district was yesterday arrested in connection with rape allegations made by his ex-girlfriend, who split up with him six months ago after a six-year relationship.

The man was taken to the Larnaca District Court, which issued his six-day remand.
According to the police, the incident occurred at noon last Monday, in a Larnaca village.

Tassos ‘astonished’ at reports of Greek plan

PRESIDENT Tassos Papadopoulos yesterday said he was “astonished” to hear about a Greek plan to avoid a head-on collision between Turkey and the EU over the implementation of the bloc’s customs union protocol.

Turkey bails out north with $135 million loan

TURKEY yesterday pledged a hefty loan of $135 million, aimed partially at helping the north bridge its growing budget deficit.

The loan may have come not a moment too soon for the north, amid rumours that the authorities might not be able to deliver pay cheques to public employees at the end of the month.

Parents unhappy at plans to allow jeans at school

TEACHERS and pupils may be in favour of introducing jeans to school uniforms, but parents have announced they do not agree with the plan.

Parents believe school uniforms promote discipline and team-work, while teachers and pupils think things should loosen up in public education.

New drive to cut smoking in Cyprus

ALMOST a quarter of the Cypriot population smokes, with studies indicating around 700 deaths per year attributed to smoking related diseases, Health Minister Andreas Gavrielides said yesterday.

“Tobacco is deadly in any form or disguise. That includes pipes, cigars, water pipes and ‘light’ cigarettes,” the minister told reporters ahead of today’s World No Tobacco Day.