A black day for the plantation

SUNDAY, October 23 will be remembered as one of the blackest days in the modern history of our plantation. It was the day that our country turned its back on one of its finest, bravest and noblest sons, a man whose patriotism, sense of duty, love of country and publicity could be questioned by nobody.

Made in Cyprus

While the island is an important stop-off point for migrant birds, we also several of our own species

‘Scrap the Annan plan’

Former UN representative for the island says the Cyprus problem is going nowhere
FORMER UN Resident Representative and Chief of Mission, Gustave Feissel believes the Annan plan is unfixable and should be scrapped in favour of a new approach to a settlement.

Matsakis raided for the second time

ENOUGH chests, amphoras and other artifacts for three antique stores were yesterday hauled away from the Pyrga home of MEP Marios Matsakis by police, in the second such raid in a week.

The true cost of casinos

Elias Hazou writing in your newspaper 16 October under the title ‘Red tape’ quoted former Commerce Minister’s Nicos Rolandis ideas about casinos.

The real face of Cyprus

I was quite saddened to read the article ‘What’s the face of Cyprus?’ (October 16). Why does Cyprus have to have only one face? This is an island that is steeped in so much history, with so much to see and do once you are brave enough to leave the confinements of your hotel complex.

To feta or not to feta

In reference to your article of October 27 under the headline “Sorry Cyprus, no feta for you), nothing is lost.

Remember the long (and continuing) quarrel about that unspeakable Balkan country? Yes, for all red-blooded Hellenes “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, FYROM for short?

Cyprus in the dock over football racism

CYPRUS is not doing enough to combat the problem of racism during football matches. That was the message from a member of FARE (Football against Racism in Europe), speaking to the Sunday Mail in Brussels this week.

FARE official Kurt Wachter said he was expecting much more from the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) in terms of measures to counter the problem of racism.