Greek Press

ALITHIA: “Justice in crisis”. Reporting on Attorney-general Solon Nikitas’ decision to resign following the acquittal by the Supreme Court of former health minister Dina Akkelidou, the daily commented that it was the apotheosis of political and legal ethics, a very rare phenomenon for Cyprus.

Prayer for a unified island

ONLY the unyielding persistence to the just cause would lead the country to its own resurrection, the Church said in its Easter message yesterday.

It urged everyone to rally round the political leadership and unite against the Turkish occupation of the island.

A perfect chance to get outdoors

THE KITE and Extreme Sports Festival is set to take place on May 7 and 8 at Marine Beach next to the St Raphael Hotel in Limassol.

News in Brief

Bomb scare

NICOSIA north was in a brief panic on Thursday evening after witnesses reported a suspicious package outside a shop in the heart of Nicosia.
On arrival at the scene police, taking security precautions, cordoned off the area and bomb disposal experts examined the bag discovering that the contents were harmless.

Heroin arrest

People’s choice is a silver Toyota saloon in 2005

THE TOTAL registrations of motor vehicles during the first quarter of 2005 increased by 6.2 per cent to 12,428 in the period from January-March. Registrations for the same period last year were 11,706.

Opinion – We’re Europeans now; we can’t do this kind of thing

AN INCIDENT a few weeks backs aptly illustrated the impact that our one-year-old membership of the European Union has had on society. An employee at the CyBC had poisoned a group of stray cats who were being looked after by a colleague. When the police were called, an officer apparently reprimanded the culprit, telling him: “We’re Europeans now; we can’t do this kind of thing.”

Comment – Reasons to celebrate?

Looking back at our first year of being member of the world’s most exclusive club

ON THE first anniversary of Cyprus’ entry into the European Union, it is apt to ask how it has affected our lives.

Opposites attract – The contrasting works of two artists are criss-crossing the Green Line so there is still time to see works by them both

THIS exhibition moves around Nicosia a lot, crossing the Green Line, so if you pay attention to where and when it takes place, you still have the chance to catch it for at least one more week, even though its shape is in the process of changing.

This nomadic tendency is reflected by the artists’ lifestyles, and it shows, although in a different way, in their art.