How a shipwreck proved good for business

A scuttled car ferry has put Cyprus on top of Europe’s best dive list

IN RECENT years scuba diving has swam to the top of the league when it comes to recreational sports making it a lucrative market that, perhaps surprisingly, Cyprus has the chance to tap.

Iconic band set for Cyprus gig

Tom McGuinness of Manfred Mann: the Sixties icon who can’t stop playing)
“THE closest I’ve ever been to Cyprus was hearing ‘Akrotiri Calling’ on Two Way Family Favourites in the sixties,” joked rocker Tom McGuinness, who is in Cyprus next month for a one-off concert with The Manfreds.

Tales from the West Bank

FOR 21-year-old Hara Pipitsouli, summer 2009 has provided her with a life-changing experience in the West Bank where she was involved in a project rebuilding Palestinian homes demolished by the Israeli Authorities.

The project, organised by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), brings together volunteer workers from around the world.

Coalition rift far from healed

THE COALITION rift appeared to be widening yesterday with hidden innuendo disguised behind calls for cooperation from both ruling AKEL and partner DIKO.

Despite holding two high-level fence-mending meetings during the week, it is clear that behind the pubic smiles, the issues have remained unresolved.

Why would anyone do this to a bird?

Vryssoules, Famagusta District, August 2009. A bird hangs high from a bamboo pole above a shack in an orchard. At first sight, it looks like a crow. But it isn’t. It is a globally threatened species, the Roller, Coracias garrulus. This is a bird strictly protected across the EU, and in Cyprus too, at least on paper.

Looking for John Doyle

I am trying to trace my cousin, John Anthony Doyle, who recently re-located to Cyprus with his family.

It’s important John contact his family back in Scotland immediately. Unfortunately we have no address in Cyprus.

Full name: John Anthony Doyle
DoB: 6/9/1966, East Kilbride, Scotland
Wife Carol, daughter Amy,
Please contact family back home immediately

Public servants are disingenuous over tax demands

It is very interesting that the leeches of the government employees are saying that they should not be affected by the current economic crisis (‘Keep your hands off CoLA’, Cyprus Mail, August 20).

They suggest that the self-employed doctors, lawyers, etc., should be targeted by the government.

Mr Loizou seems a confused soul

Mr AP Loizou’s rant in your Letters page (August 15) has the hallmarks of a very confused soul.

Skipping over the scare tactics and incitement to violence implicit in his glorification of Enoch Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ and the anti-Arab riots in Cyprus in 1988, those comments alone must have snuffed out any revival of the property market in Cyprus…

Sitting back and doing nothing is not a choice

Gwynne Dyer’s opinion ‘Shackled to the warlords’ (Cyprus Mail, August 18) is the kind of non-opinion that I used to hear from the local barber, who would often lament that people should mind their own business and stay out of trouble.