Survey shows our CO2 loving ways

IF EVERYONE in the world was Cypriot, carbon dioxide levels would exceed sustainable “carbon budget” levels by 313 per cent, according to the UNDP’s 2007 Human Development Report published yesterday.

Kyprianou announces EU’s lifting of some FMD restrictions

EUROPEAN Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou yesterday announced the European Commission’s decision to lift some of the restrictive measures imposed after the recent foot and mouth outbreak.

As of Monday, the EC will allow the export of pork meat from Cyprus, the slaughter of animals from within the 10km exclusion zone and the production of milk from animals in the 3km zone.

Tassos defends Michaelides over LNG scandal

PRESIDENT Tassos Papadopoulos yesterday defended his trade minister from accusations that he disputed on the Auditor-general’s authority over her probe into the natural gas affair.

‘Turkey-Cyprus row threatens Kosovo mission’

THE FREEZE in relations between Turkey and Cyprus could endanger European security forces in Kosovo by preventing closer cooperation between the EU and NATO missions there, a top EU official said yesterday.

Report shows best places for shopping

CARREFOUR is the cheapest place to shop in most towns for milk, pork and olive oil, a survey by the Commerce Ministry revealed yesterday.

As part of its monthly price monitoring, the Ministry surveyed supermarkets in all towns checking a list of 33 items.

Man wanted after £80,000 goes missing

A PAPHOS estate agent is wanted by the police after being accused of stealing an £80,000 deposit from a British couple before disappearing.

Paphos CID believe the 49-year-old man may have already fled the country after closing down his offices and have issued a warrant for his arrest. Interpol has also been notified.

‘One year to go until new Paphos airport opens’

THE NEW Paphos International Airport has less than a year until it becomes a reality, according to an announcement by operator Hermes yesterday.

A press release sent out yesterday said works for the completion of the new Paphos terminal continue at a rapid pace. The company anticipates the new airport will significantly assist the development of the country.