Interpol lead on Turkey-Cyprus cooperation

INTERPOL President Jackie Selebi has suggested a tripartite meeting between Cyprus, Turkey and Interpol to discuss the problems arising from Ankara’s refusal to cooperate with Nicosia, a proposal that has already been accepted by the Cypriot Police.

Journalists lash out at ‘biased’ investigative committee report

THE CABINET investigative committee report on the violent scuffles between police and journalists in Moni on 18 July yesterday angered the Union of Cyprus Journalists.

The report, which was covered by a two-member panel described the coverage of the incident in the local media – and especially national broadcaster CyBC – as ‘exaggerated’.

Unanimous vote for Nikiforos go-ahead

THE HOUSE Defence Committee yesterday decided unanimously to support that the National Guard carry out the Nikiforos military exercises this year.

The Nikiforos exercises have been cancelled since 2001 as a good-will sign, hoped to reduce tension between Cyprus and Turkey.

A new face for Armenian Cypriots?

DR ANTRANIK Ashdjian, one of the three candidates vying for votes in the October 9 Armenian by-election yesterday pledged to be the representative in the House of all Armenians in Cyprus.

Greek Press

POLITIS: “Caught in the middle of it”. It was revealed after concise investigations that land development businessmen in cooperation with City-planning workers in Paphos were part of a scam, which aimed to avoid founding the public with millions of pounds worth of tax rebates. Now the con has been uncovered the public stands to receive the money.

Let October 3 be a great day for Turkey

TURKEY should have been celebrating October 3 as one of the milestones in its history – after decades in the waiting, at last the start of full accession talks with the European Union.

How can we stem the flow?

Asylum seekers’ deaths highlight a greater problem

THE DEATHS of 31 illegal immigrants and one crew member, who perished when their boat sank off the coast of Karpasia early on Monday morning, has highlighted the scale of an illegal immigrant problem that gives Cyprus the highest per capita asylum seeker ratio in Europe.

A touch of La-La Land in Cyprus

While the last Commerce Minister lobbied for a giant Aphrodite theme park in the Med, our current minister is eyeing off Troodos for the Hollywood Hills

A PROPOSAL to build film studios in Cyprus have been put forward by Commerce, Industry and Tourism Minister George Lillikas.

Pharmaceutical debate

A CONFERENCE held yesterday by the Parliamentary Health Committee confirmed that there are still differences in the opinions of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Health concerning the labelling of pharmaceuticals.