Plenty of EU fruitcakes to choose between

BY THIS time next week we will all have voted in the European elections for the party that ‘will make Cyprus stronger’ in the EU, or the party that will give us ‘a vote with dignity’ or the party that will ‘send a clear message to Europe’, or the party that will make the EU more human.

Dying of Embarrassment.

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Where’s Europe in our Euro elections?

Local issues may have dominated the Euro election campaign, but a few new faces have ensured real colour amid all the usual platitudes

THE other day, around the corner from our establishment’s premises, I overheard (eavesdropped on) an easygoing conversation between two middle-aged fellows.

The fair that’s no longer fun

A VISIT to the annual State Fair in Nicosia no longer features highly on the social calendar.

Gone are the days when a trip to the huge Makedonitissa complex with friends and family was an affair to be looked forward to.

Today the shabby, virtually empty lot serves as a depressing reminder of its former glory.

Fewer exhibits, but all is well

THE 34th Cyprus International Fair ends at midnight today.

The fair opened its gates on May 22 and included a range of exhibits from home and design, machinery and technology, public and private services, home equipment and electrical appliances.

Yiorkion reborn as luxury apartments

ONE of the two Yiorkion towers in Nicosia is being transformed into a luxury apartment complex, with no expenses being spared.

The new complex will include spas, jacuzzis, swimming pools and private services.

Talat’s attitude makes rotating presidency solution dubious

Mehmet Ali Talat latest attitude towards the opening the Limnitis crossing should cause serious concern as to whether the Greek Cypriots will ever be able to govern together with the Turkish Cypriots if a solution to the Cyprus problem is ever agreed upon.

Are we all satisfied with being ripped off?

Would anyone from the affluent fuel companies care to explain why fuel costs – both petrol and diesel – have risen steadily over the last couple of months, and yet the cost per barrel in the market place remains fairly stagnant?

Locally, 95 octane fuel has risen from approx. 0.82 to 0.84, to 0.86, and yesterday to 0.89 cents per litre.

Why can’t a Cypriot lawyer spare me some pain?

I refer to the letter from Clive Turner (‘A little bit of research might spare buyers a lot of pain’, Sunday Mail, May 25) regarding property.

Most purchasers employ the services of a lawyer when going about purchasing a property, so why is that the lawyer, having full knowledge of the Cypriot property purchasing situation, doesn’t instigate a check with the Land Registry?