Cyprus hits back at Turkish protests over exercise

TURKISH and Turkish Cypriot concern over next week’s ‘Argonaut’ exercise which is to be conducted under the auspices of the Foreign Ministry is misplaced, government officials said yesterday.

Fedon Anastasiou, Director of Consular Affairs/SCHENGEN at the Foreign Ministry, said that the nature of the ‘Argonaut’ exercise is solely humanitarian, therefore any concern is unwarranted.

What are aflatoxins?

AFLATOXINS are naturally-occurring mycotoxins that are produced by many species of Aspergillus, a fungus.

According to online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, aflatoxins are among the most carcinogenic substances known.

After entering the body, aflatoxins are metabolised by the liver to a reactive intermediate.

Would you buy a car from these guys?

THE PANCYPRIAN Association of Car Dealers (PASEA) yesterday urged the public to be careful from where they are buying their cars because many dealers in Cyprus are not subject to any form of check, and are not listed with the Registrar of Companies, the VAT or the Income Tax records.

Neo Nazi groups gather for Troodos summer camp

CYPRUS has been named as a summer camping destination by two European far right political organisations.

The National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), led by Udo Voigt, is considered to be a de facto neo-Nazi organization.

Villagers’ cancer fears over new antenna

THE LEADER of the Akamas community of Ineia, Savvas Charalambous, yesterday expressed his fury at plans to install a shipping antenna on the mountain next to his village.

“We already have a huge problem in Ineia,” he told the Cyprus Mail. “There are three or four antennas and masts on Vouni Mountain; they all transmit waves over our village.”

EU cash for nature areas in the north

THE EUROPEAN Commission has signed a €1.5 million euro contract with a consortium led by a Polish company ‘to prepare detailed plans for management and protection of six specially protected areas in the north.

These sites are likely to be designated as ‘Natura 2000’ sites following a comprehensive settlement and reunification, the Commission said in a statement.

Limassol flyover work over at last

THE long-awaited Yermasoyia flyover was delivered to the public yesterday in an official ceremony led by the Minister of Communication and Works, Nikos Nikolaides. The flyover is expected to significantly reduce traffic congestion in the area, particularly during peak hours.

100 tonnes of milk destroyed in health scare

THE AGRICULTURE Ministry yesterday destroyed over 100 tonnes of contaminated milk at 53 different dairy farms after finding elevated levels of aflatoxin M1, a known carcinogenic.

Although the contaminated milk did not make its way into the food chain, consumers have already lost faith in local dairy products.