Cancer centre exodus crisis

ALMOST HALF the nursing staff at the Bank of Cyprus (BoC) Oncology Centre will leave in April to take up positions in the more lucrative public sector.

The exodus threatens to close one of the two oncology wards – reducing available beds from 32 to 16 – and cut chemotherapy and day care services by a third for the 350 cancer patients who visit the centre on a daily basis.

Alternatives to devaluation

It is a difficult to fault the reasoning of Ernest E. Conklin in last week’s Sunday Mail (‘Devaluation: the rest of the story’) and I am old enough to have laughed at Harold Wilson’s assertion that ‘the pound in your pocket is not devalued’ when he followed the devaluation path.

Is Cyprus really that expensive?

It worries me greatly that people believe Cyprus is an expensive option to live. I do not believe this to be the case, though there are two sides to the coin and I believe this is where people are getting confused.

Opposition accused of echoing Turkish line

TURKEY’S confirmation earlier in the week that it had agreed to the text of the EU customs union protocol may not have been controversial — at least procedure-wise — but that did not prevent politicians back home from coming to blows.

Talat tipped for landslide win

MEHMET Ali Talat, winner of last February’s general election in the north, looks set to win the race for the ‘presidency’ on April 17 with an even greater majority, according to an opinion poll published in Kibris yesterday.

The election sees current ‘president’ Rauf Denktash stepping out of politics after over four decades as leader of the Turkish Cypriot community.

Proximity talks for April?

PROXIMITY talks on the Cyprus problem to define the procedure and contents of negotiations could start as early as April, Foreign Minister George Iakovou said yesterday.

“We should make sure that any initiative would lead to success,” Iakovou said.

US steps in to rescue girl from prostitution in the north

U.S. AMBASSADOR Michael Klosson has personally interceded on a number of occasions to rescue foreign women from the clutches of human traffickers in the north, according to a newspaper report yesterday.

Politis ran a story claiming that a few months ago the ambassador helped save a Moldavian girl from a prostitution ring operating in the occupied part of Nicosia.

Perdikis fury at CyBC snub

GREEN Party leader, George Perdikis, has complained to the ombudswoman on behalf of one-seat parties in parliament after state broadcaster, CyBC, last December failed to show their speeches in full during discussions for the 2005 budgets in parliament.

Spotlight turns on EAC responsibilities

AS POLICE investigators sifted through stacks of documents and computer files, the debate yesterday turned to whether an independent committee of inquiry should be set up to scrutinise the EAC’s dealings with stockbrokers Suphire.

Court told of Magda’s affair with man of 23

A 32-YEAR-old woman, on trial for the murder of her husband, had to end a love affair with a 23-year-old man after her husband found out, the Nicosia Assizes Court heard yesterday.

Bank employee Magda Eleftheriou is facing charges of premeditated murder and conspiracy along with her Pakistani lover, Zeeshan Asghar, 22, and his Chinese roommate Yu Hong Bo, 28.