‘Babies cloned from dead people’s DNA’

Zavos clones babies from dead people’s DNA

US-BASED Cypriot infertility specialist Panayiotis Zavos has sparked a “Frankenstein” debate in the UK ahead of his official announcement that he has taken DNA from a dead child as part of his latest cloning attempt.

‘Let’s resolve this problem’

Forensic experts called upon to exhumations of missing

THE RED Cross is being asked to recommend a list of forensic experts that could help carry out exhumation work at sites all over the island, the tri-partite Committee for Missing Persons (CMP) announced yesterday.

Paphos dump raises a stench

Authorities and locals helpless as smell of burning refuse infests surrounding villages

THE SMELL of burning rubbish at a dump site in Tera in Paphos has become unbearable for residents in nearby villages, but the Paphos District Office says little can be done to combat the problem.

Bank of Cyprus announces massive profits

THE BANK of Cyprus (BoC) yesterday announced first-half after-tax profits of £16.2 million, a 90 per cent increase over the same period last year.

“It is expected that the increased profitability of the group will continue for the rest of the year 2004,” the bank said in a statement.

Core profit from activities in Cyprus rose by 49 per cent to £34.2 million.

Paphos Bishop renews call for Church elections

THE CHURCH is being irreversibly harmed with every hour that passes without an Archbishop at its helm, Paphos Bishop Chrysostomos said yesterday.

The Archbishop is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and withdrew from his official duties a long time ago.

CSE to launch three-tier market

THE CYPRUS Stock Exchange (CSE) will launch its three-tier market on Monday, September 6, in a bid to coax back investors burnt by boom and bust cycles, it said yesterday.

Villagers protest against Paphos dog shelter

‘Shelter owners haven’t done their homework’

TWO PAPHOS district village communities have organised a protest demonstration for today over plans to build a dog shelter in the area.

Tractor threat from grape growers

DISGRUNTLED grape growers say they will descend on the Presidential Palace with their tractors unless measures are taken to alleviate their financial woes.

The growers have been at loggerheads with both the government and the wineries since the beginning of the month over surplus supply.

Looking ahead from abroad

OVERSEAS Cypriots organisations yesterday held the first of their three-day annual congress and discussed the most recent developments in the Cyprus problem.

Bi-communal rally to raise money for hospitals

Driving route crosses island’s divide

GREEK and Turkish Cypriots are organising a bi-communal car rally that will start in Kyrenia and finish in Limassol.

According to a news release, the Mercedes Club Cyprus, the Classic & Sports Car Club in the north and the Paphos Classic Vehicle Club will organise the rally on September 17-19.