Motorists braced for chaos ahead of road works

NICOSIA Municipality has suggested a number of alternative car parks in preparation for the beginning of works on Byron Avenue on June 3. Plans to widen the road and make it a main artery from the town centre to Grivas Dighenis Avenue have caused outcry among commuters who only last year experienced major construction work and delays on the road. As things stand, parking — double and triple – by employees and visitors of government offices often narrow the avenue from a potential four lanes to two.

Municipal Engineer Fedonas Nicolaou yesterday suggested 13 alternative parking places while construction is under way. The locations are spread out in the area around the old Public Records Department, but not close enough for many motorists, who will have to park a certain distance if they want to get near government buildings in the area.

Nicolaou would not accept that the alternatives given were already pushed to the limit, claiming that the car park opposite the old Stock Exchange building on Grivas Dighenis Avenue was always empty.

Another of the sites is the land opposite the Greek Embassy. However, this will be unoperational when works on the new central bus station begin.

A police official declared four to five police and traffic wardens would be monitoring the avenue all day to prevent anybody from parking illegally.

The avenue will be transformed into a four-lane road near Grivas Dighenis Avenue and then three lanes with pavements all the way to the General Hospital.

The construction work will last for a year.