Guns fiasco turns political

THE GUN possession fiasco took a political turn yesterday after the names of several politicians with firearms permits were leaked to the media.

Meanwhile, the man at the centre of the controversy, Chief of Police Andreas Angelides, returned from abroad and assured that he was “strong enough to reply to all the questions”.

Smokers face new fines

STARTING today drivers caught by police smoking with a minor on board should expect to pay a £30 fine, according to a law passed by the House yesterday.

Government slaps 20 cents on a packet of 20

IN A lightning move, the government yesterday slapped unsuspecting smokers with a 20-cent increase on a packet of cigarettes, introducing the first in a series of tax increases ahead of EU membership.

The hike, which took immediate effect, had been decided during yesterday morning’s Cabinet meeting.

Milk isn’t just for children

PEOPLE need to take calcium throughout their lives and not just in their early years, as many people falsely believe, a leading nutritionist said yesterday.