Parents’ fury at call for school heating contribution

A GOVERNMENT proposal for parents to contribute to school heating costs has sparked a furious reaction from the Parents’ Association.

The group yesterday lashed out at the Education Ministry initiative calling on parents to cover 50 per cent of the cost to install central heating at all schools.

CSE trading marks record new low

THE CYPRUS Stock Exchange resumed its downward slide yesterday, marked by the lowest trading volume in the past 18 months and losses amounting to 0.99 per cent – with the General Index flirting with the 200 mark all day before closing at 200.9. The FTSE Index likewise closed on a downward trend, with losses amounting to 0.85 per cent.

EAC to lose power monopoly by 2003

THE ELECTRICITY Authority (EAC) will from 2003 no longer hold the monopoly on power, with the state obliged to liberalise a third of the carrying and distribution of electricity by then.

Cyprus could speed up open sky policy

THE date for the final liberalisation of the skies over Cyprus might be brought forward from January 1, 2003, Communications and Works Minister Averoff Neophytou said yesterday.

Almost half a million calls across the Green Line last year

ALMOST 1,200 telephone calls a day were made across the Green Line last year, the UN announced yesterday.

An announcement from UNFICYP said that during the year 2000, a total of 432,733 calls had been made between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities.

Police turn away boatload of immigrants

POLICE intercepted a boat believed to be full of illegal immigrants south east of the island on Monday night, they said yesterday.

Coast guard vessels headed off the boat after it was spotted by helicopters. Police said seven men aged between 25 and 35 were on board. They were believed to be Iraqis.

Cyprus authorities know nothing of fugitive Serb banker

A FUGITIVE Serbian banker accused of embezzling millions of pounds had been hiding in Cyprus for eight years until police arrested him on his return to Belgrade on Friday, according to a report from Associated Press.

National guard chief leads 76-man parachute jump

FIFTY-nine year-old National Guard chief Evangelos Florakis yesterday led a successful 76-man parachute jump from a dizzying height of 442 metres.

But the 36 Cypriot participants complained that they had were not being paid for the jump, while their Greek counterparts got £800 for carrying out the two jumps over Tersephanou near Larnaca.