Love is the greatest reward in the theatre

Local comedy and the name Loris Loizides go hand-in-hand. So a play performed by the actor’s theatre group guarantees lots of laughter.

The summer performances of the play Laterna, Ftoheia Kai Filotimo (Laterna, Poverty and Pride) by the group will travel to Paphos on Thursday and Friday. The story concentrates on two poor, portable barrel piano players who ramble through the Greek countryside and play in fairs.

By chance they meet a rich runaway girl whose father offers a large reward to anyone who finds her. They have to choose between getting the reward or helping the girl with her renegade love affair.

The performance is based on the cult film by Alekos Sakellarios.

Laterna, Ftoheia kai Filotimo
Performance of the comedy. July 5-6. Tala Amphitheatre, Paphos. 9pm. €15. In Greek. Tel: 70-001910