Photographing the night sky

If you love star gazing and you find that your imagination travels skyward, then you will be thrilled to find out that the Paphos Astronomy Club’s meeting on Thursday will include a presentation by someone who is fascinated with capturing perfect images of stars and planets.

Paphos Astronomy Club member and astronomy photographer Rob Willdridge will introduce all you star gazers to the process behind capturing the perfect photograph of the night sky.

Willdridge, who has recently moved to Kissonerga, will present the equipment needed to start taking photos of the night sky, while also offering technical tips on how to track stars and planets in order to achieve outstanding images. One thing he will surely dip into is the explanation behind exposure time and why it is so critical for a sharp and successful result.

The Paphos Astronomy Club, which was founded in 2000, meets on the third Wednesday of each month to host talks and lectures on subjects within the field of astronomy. Members and guests meet to either listen to an illustrated talk or watch a DVD, followed by a meal and a gaze at the night sky.

PAC Paphos Astronomy Club Presentation
Presentation by Rob Wildridge. October 5. Vatouthkia Restaurant, Tala, Paphos. Time: TBA. Tel: 26-653560