Man in ICU Paphos after snake bite

A 55-year-old man was in intensive care at Paphos General Hospital on Sunday after being bitten by a snake in his village.

The man was bitten while out in his field and was taken to the hospital emergency room where doctors admitted him to intensive care as a precaution.

There are nine recognised species of snake in Cyprus. While most are harmless, three are venomous, although one doesn’t cause a poisonous bite to humans, due to the position of its fangs.

The blunt-nosed viper is the most dangerous and a snake bite requires immediate medical attention.

The bite inflicted by a blunt nosed viper is highly poisonous but they will only attack in self defence. If a viper is disturbed, it will hiss loudly as a warning before striking.

This viper is a large, long snake and can vary in colour. It’s often found close to water and areas which provide shade such as rocks, shrubs. When it does strike, its fangs are embedded into the victim and a large amount of venom is pumped into the wound.

The Montpellier snake is also venomous but its bite is not life-threatening. The Cat Snake’s bite is painful, but not dangerous.