Man fined €1,300 over illegal cigarettes

The Customs Department said they fined a man a total of €1,300 after cigarettes and tobacco for which the duty had not been paid were discovered in his car.

“On June 29, 2016 following information given by CID Nicosia that on checking a car in Nicosia, an amount of duty free cigarettes had been discovered, customs officers carried out an on the spot check of the vehicle driven by a Cypriot national in which nine cartons of untaxed cigarettes and one kilo of untaxed tobacco were discovered.”

The tax attributable to the cigarettes amounted to €315 and to the tobacco €209. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for customs offences and the tobacco products and his car were confiscated. An out of court settlement of €800 was paid for the offence with a further €500 forked out by the driver for the return of his vehicle.

Following the out of court settlement the man was free to go, minus his smokes.