Stolen luxury goods worth more than €200,000 recovered

LIMASSOL POLICE have identified more than €200,000 worth of stolen goods during their investigation into a robbery ring that targeted luxury homes and flats in Limassol’s tourist area, police announced on Saturday.
On Friday night police spotted yet more stolen goods in a flat rented days earlier by one of the two Georgian nationals held in custody in connection with the case.
According to Limassol CID chief Ioannis Soteriades, after police were tipped off “a search warrant was issued by a court for the flat, which led investigators to three suitcases filled with valuables from robberies and burglaries.”
Some of the valuables have been identified by their owners, accounting for ten cases of burglary and robbery, Soteriades said.
He added that a 24-year-old Ukrainian man is wanted in connection with the case, with two more as-yet unidentified individuals implicated.
“Every item of information received by Limassol CID is evaluated, and once its credibility is established, triggers immediate police action to recover the stolen property for review by the victims of these robbers,” Soteriades said.