Limassol mayor hits out at ‘whispering campaign’

Limassol Mayor Andreas Christou challenged anyone with evidence of corruption in his outfit to file a complaint with the authorities but to stop spreading rumours.
Christou said the corruption scandal in Paphos, which saw the resignation of mayor Savvas Vergas, now facing prison time, has prompted an “underground, immoral war” against the local authority in Limassol.
The mayor conceded that mistakes were made, and there were also omissions.
“It would be arrogant to say that the many decisions we make each were all correct,” he said. “But a mistake is one thing, and receiving a bribe, embezzlement, abuse of power, and dishonest transactions against the interests of the municipality and its residents, is another.”
Christou said the authority had nothing to fear on such issues and “we are open to any audit.”
Without naming names or elaborating, Christou rejected the unsubstantiated accusations and slanderous claims, which aimed at tarnishing people’s reputations.
He urged anyone with any evidence, or even suspicions, to be upfront and go public.
“If the grievances or allegations concern us, the elected, there are state institutions, the attorney-general, auditor-general, treasurer, ombudswoman, and others … where one can refer to and should do so immediately,” Christou said.
Christou’s outburst follows a string of scandals, more notably the one concerning his former colleague in Paphos who has been charged, along with several others, for corruption in connection with the construction of the town’s sewerage system.
Closer to home, two men, the head of Limassol-based university of technology TEPAK’s property management service, and a contractor, have been charged in relation with financial irregularities relating to properties used by the institution.