Anastasiades’ recovery going better than expected

PRESIDENT Nicos Anastasiades on Wednesday underwent a check-up at the American Heart Institute in Nicosia following his heart surgery in the US in early December.
It was his first check-up since his return from New York some ten days ago where he had corrective surgery on his mitral and triglochin valves at Mount Sinai hospital.
“It is going better than the doctors anticipated,” Anastasiades told reporters outside the clinic.
The president said that he was viewing the new year positively and that just like the way he was leaving behind his health difficulties, the same was true for the island. In 2014 conditions were created for a hopeful 2015, he said.
“No one can say that we have overcome the difficulties as long as there are unemployed people and food banks. The problems are the same but we have created two basic conditions, the stability of the financial system and the credibility of the government’s borrowing capabilities on the international markets,” Anastasiades said of the coming 12 months.
“We were talking about a state ready to collapse and in less than a year and a half we managed to return to the international markets, create trust in the state while our banks achieved recapitalisation and passed the stress tests successfully,” he said.
“I see 2015 through a positive lens and always through hard work and by being consistent with our obligations.”