Conjurer should reconsider his re-entry into Magic Circle

Your article about John Lenahan on July 24 quite rightly pointed out what a fine comedy magician he is. He’s a lovely fellow.

However, his claim to be the first magician to be expelled from The Magic Circle is incorrect since this was David Devant (The Magic Circle’s first President).

Devant came back later and The Circle would be glad to reinstate John Lenahan because members like and admire him, but he will not return unless he receives an apology as he believes he was badly wronged.

The problem was that he exposed an effect and since magic is a means of making a living for some members, The Circle’s Council at the time felt John Lenahan should be required to stand down.

Please get facts straight before disenchanting us about Harry Potter films

I refer to an article I read on July 24 in the Sunday Mail which reviewed the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 and I would like to issue a complaint.

The writer of the article didn’t seem to have a very good understanding of the film and made various comments which were not true.

They claimed that many of the scenes didn’t seem to make sense and that the audience in itself would not understand what was happening in the film.

Being a huge fan of both books and films; I absolutely disagree with most of the writer’s views on the topic.

I believe that in writing an article on such a worldwide phenomenon, facts should be looked at and the person who writes such an article should have experience of the franchise.

Bar Association is justly criticised

I would like to refer to the article “Complaints drown Bar Association”, featured in the July 24 edition of the Sunday Mail.

The remarks by a member of the Disciplinary Board of Advocates and President of the Bar Association, Mr Doros Ioannides, are historically consistent with the evasive modus operandi of the island’s legal clique.

Why has he chosen to be somewhat cagey as to the numbers of lawyers who’ve been disciplined? He’s quoted as saying “many”. Just how “many” is many?

You can still buy your dream house if you do the homework

Hallelujah! At last, after four years of letters, e-mails, phone calls, meetings, heated discussions, promises, excuses and participating in public meetings and placard waving, I have taken possession of my long overdue Land Deeds, which were earmarked in my contract of sale, to be issued to me by October 2007, after my villa was purchased in September 2004.

In the autumn of 2008, after no signs of my deeds being issued, I attempted to obtain them by a range of methods, but without avail.

We are not alone? I would beg to differ

PLEASE allow me to comment on Richard Dickenson’s Diary article, We may not be alone, in the Living Section of the Sunday Mail (July 17). As a man of scientific education he makes a number of very unscientific statements. He declares, for example, that after one “takes away the liars, the over-imaginative, the wishful thinkers and the genuine-but-deluded, there are no witnesses left. And no evidence either.”

Fluency in propaganda not enough to rescue economy Open letter to the President of the Republic

Mr President,

THE POLITICAL developments of this past week, which were widely expected, dictate that you resign and that you and your Finance Minister Mr Stavrakis take stock of your collective responsibility for having led our economy to the brink of bankruptcy today, to be followed by a de facto bankruptcy in a few weeks.

The situation will now deteriorate ever faster, as many more businesses swell the ranks of the hundreds that have already gone bust, while the thousands of jobless – which you created – will multiply.

Michael Cacoyannis: bigger than Cyprus

DURING A two-year stint in China I was often asked by people who had never heard of Cyprus what its most famous product was. I would tell them about halloumi cheese and perhaps of the sweet wine Commadaria. I should have told them of Michael (Michalis) Cacoyannis, the Limassol-born director, producer and screenwriter who passed away a week ago in Athens at the age of 89, and the only Cypriot ever nominated for a Best Director Oscar.

There is a reason Cacoyannis was not the first thing that sprang to mind about Cyprus but to explain I have to talk about his career first.

Cacoyannis is famous for 1964 film, Zorba the Greek, starring Anthony Quinn, nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Director and winning three.

‘The ghosts of the past always hover near’

WORK on the documentary “Memories in Cypriot Soil” which details the history of Jewish internment camps in Cyprus is nearing completion according to the producers.

The film focuses on the four-year lifespan of a handful of camps which were located at north of occupied Famagusta and near the British base at Dhekelia.

The project, which has been in production for several years, is headed by Gary Gumpert and Susan Drucker who have been researching the subject for the past fifteen years..

The two New York-based professors have been collaborating with Cypriot Nektarios Vilanides on the project.

Helping to protect the species

THE TWO seven month white old lion cubs who arrived at Paphos Animal and Bird Park on Wednesday are settling in nicely after their 16-hour flight from South Africa.

Dias and Hera, as they have been named by park founder Christos Christoforou, seem relaxed and quite at home in their new specially constructed 800 square metre enclosure, and none the worse for their long journey.

Yesterday Christoforou spoke to the Cyprus Mail of his joy at finally adding cats to the ever growing list of animals which now call the park home.

“They are so friendly and playful and settled into their new enclosure immediately,” he said.

Did Mari blast present any opportunities?

WE ALL have feelings of sorrow and anger following the July 11 disaster at Mari. We are all trying to cope with the aftermath: mourning, power cuts, business and personal disruption, costs we will have to bear, uncertainty on the impact on state finances. We are all seeking to apportion responsibility.

But could it be that disaster can also bring opportunities?

The explosion is also a call to arms, revealing tremendous weaknesses in our polity, uncovering much that we always knew was wrong with Cypriot politics, politicians, civil servants and civil society – ourselves.

It is time we think of ways ahead in a positive way.

On July 21, we at Performa Consulting ran an open meeting of our Out of the Box Club to see what the positives could be.