Paphos bank robbery foiled

AN ATTEMPTED robbery on a Bank of Cyprus branch was foiled by the building’s electric doors yesterday in Paphos.

Two men were suspiciously loitering outside the bank early yesterday morning when suddenly they pulled hoods over their face, and tried to enter the bank but the electric doors automatically locked before they could enter the bank.

One of the men then pulled out a gun and fired two shots at the bank but luckily no one was injured. Paphos CID Chief Kleitos Erotokritou said: “At about 11.20am in the morning a man two men who had their faces covered tried to enter a bank in Paphos, but because the bank has automatic electric doors they didn’t manage to enter the interior of the bank.”

Erotokritou confirmed reports that one of the men fired two shots at the banks before fleeing. During the robbery there were five employees in the bank and one customer.