‘Cars will be towed and impounded as of Monday’

CARS FOUND with number plates that don’t comply with the new traffic regulations will be confiscated by police as of Monday.

The new regulations entitle a member of police to confiscate any car – parked or moving – spotted without number plates, with objects obstructing the number plates or with plates that don’t comply with the relevant Traffic Regulations. The car will be towed away and impounded by police, and in order to retrieve it, the owner will have to present all the necessary legal documents as well as cough up the tow-truck fee.

“The police will start fully implementing the new regulations regarding the confiscation and removal of vehicles from this Monday, October 4, 2010, while police checks will be centred near and around public areas – such as stadiums, schools, entertainment venues and generally areas where the public gathers,” the force announced.

The police called on the public to respect and comply with the new regulations, so that they are not forced to suffer the consequences of any violations.

“As police, we would be especially pleased if we didn’t have to make any confiscations and reports,” the police concluded.