‘At the end of their tether over power cuts’

RESIDENTS in Limassol’s Parekklisia community yesterday held a quiet demonstration to protest frequent power cuts in the area.

The residents blocked off both lanes outside the Community Council with their trucks for a short while and called on the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) to resolve the problems their community is facing with its electricity supply.

Parekklisia’s community leader, Socrates Pavlou, explained: “Unfortunately, for a few years now, the EAC has been plaguing us with this problem without being able to find out what the problem actually is.”

He said the situation had intensified further over the past seven months. “Power cuts now are a frequent phenomenon and we have reached the end of our tether,” said Pavlou.

The EAC sent a letter to the Community Council last month, blaming the problems on “imponderable factors”, such as extreme weather conditions, accidents or fires – and not the EAC’s supply network.

It added that regular checks were carried out on all power lines, while a new substation to transfer electricity would be installed soon in the area; a move expected to drastically improve the situation.