Kitas was ‘helping’ drug officers

A NOTORIOUS criminal convicted of rape and murder claimed he was co-operating with the Drug Law Enforcement Unit (DLEU) for the arrest of drug traffickers, it emerged yesterday.

Antonis Prokopiou Kitas alleged he was approached in prison by a DLEU member who asked him to help him out with the “drugs scourge.”

According to daily newspaper Politis, which published part of the convict’s testimony given to police after he escaped from a private hospital in December, Kitas claims he offered to help them seize two kilos of heroin brought by Turkish Cypriots through the village of Pergamos.

Kitas was recaptured on January 5.

A DLEU officer allegedly told Kitas that if he helped them he would then help him get out of prison.

Kitas, also known as Al Capone, was jailed for the brutal abductions, rapes and murders of Oksana Lisna, 20, and Christina Ahfeldt, 28 in 1993.

He was admitted in the Apollonion in August 2008, where he had been receiving treatment for gastric reflux.

Kitas received ?1,000 from the DLEU for his assistance in the seizure of the two kilos of heroin and the arrest of one man.

The main trafficker managed to elude arrest.

Politis said Kitas signed a receipt for the cash, which was allegedly approved by the chief of police.

During his stay at the Apollonion, Kitas claims he was frequently visited by a DLEU officer who pressed him for information.

At some stage the visits had stopped because next door to Kitas was a man injured in a murder attempt and police and intelligence officers were swarming the place.

The convict also describes how he was trying to set up a robbery, to secure money for a big deal he was trying to set up for the police.

“I called Arif and told him that a man from England wanted 20 kilos of heroin and ten guns,” Kitas said in his testimony.

Arif told him he wanted half the money up front.

“He told me he wanted €18,000 per kilo and €1,800 per gun.”

The DLEU officer told Kitas that he could not get hold of such an amount of money and the convict offered to get out of the hospital and rob someone he knew had a lot of cash.

The officer said Kitas should rob a bank but that could not work because the convict only came out at night.

Politis said it would continue publishing the convict’s testimony as well as the testimonies of the other “protagonists” of the case.