Woman fends off robber with water bottle

A 62-YEAR-old kiosk owner yesterday scared off an armed robber with a 500ml plastic bottle of water.

The incident occurred at around 5am in Liopetri in the Famagusta district, police said.

Specifically, a hooded man came up to Panayiota Mastrou and speaking in English said: “Give me your money”. Instead of handing over her cash, the kiosk owner lifted a small bottle of water and chased after the would-be robber.

At the time the assailant came up to her, Mastrou had her back turned to him and said she thought he was a joking.

When she turned around and saw a tall, hooded man pointing a gun at her, she said: “I stood there, looking him in the eyes. I wasn’t scared or anything… he repeated ‘give me the money’ so I bent down and picked up a bottle of water next to me and started to chase him.”

Apparently Mastrou thought the man was holding a toy gun and said his behaviour gave the impression that it was he who was scared.

“He managed to get away,” Mastrou told reporters.

The 62-year-old called police to report the incident. Investigators gathered evidence from the scene which was sent for forensic testing. This is the fourth time this particular kiosk has been targeted by thieves.

Famagusta CID is investigating.