Drivers overload computer

MOTORISTS rushing to renew their car registration at the last minute have caused an overload to the computer system of the Road Transport Department.

The deadline for the renewal of licenses for motor vehicles ends on Sunday night and only 70 per cent of car owners have renewed them.

According to the Director of the Road Transport Department, Soteris Koletas: “Once again, Cypriot drivers left renewing their car registrations registration to the last minute creating problems in the computer system”.

Koletas also said that in consultation with the Chief of Police they wouldl give a grace period of a couple of days.

JCC Director, Takis Fekkos reported that there were around 100,000 licenses due for renewal which caused an overload in the computer system.

Fekkos said: “The system has completely blocked and it is very difficult to fix. We are doing everything within our power to resolve the problem”.