Christofias: a new presidency for all

Solution to Cyprus problem and a fairer society are part of new president’s vision

“MY PRESIDENCY will be a presidency for all Cypriots”: these were Demetris Christofias’ concluding words in his first speech as President of the Republic of Cyprus.

Christofias’ new Cabinet offers few surprises

PRESIDENT Demetris Christofias followed an expected route in appointing his new Cabinet yesterday.

Five ministries went to AKEL, four to DIKO and two to EDEK suggesting that the tripartite alliance has been revived, if unofficially, despite previous denials.

MEP and European Union Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou has been appointed Foreign Minister.

‘Save your comments for negotiating table’

Christofias suggests to Talat to keep his Cyprus problem opinions private

PRESIDENT Demetris Christofias yesterday advised Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat to keep a tight lip on the Cyprus problem if he wanted to get any results out of today’s positive environment following his election.

BoC share drop sparks huge market downturn

Cyprus stock exchange general index hits six-month low

THE Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) general index plummeted 9.7 per cent yesterday to its lowest level in six months, brought down by a massive drop in Bank of Cyprus (BoC) stocks.

Yesterday’s CSE plunge was the fourth and biggest this week and followed BoC’s fall on the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) earlier in the day.

More needed to help mental health patients

THERE are not enough nursing personnel to cover the needs of mental health patients. A shortage of staff in general is also evident and annual retirements are barely substituted because of the lack of qualified personnel.

Vicious dogs put down by villagers

TWO DOGS which attacked three people in a Nicosia village on Wednesday were put down yesterday after being tracked down by villagers.

Residents of Kapedes used shotguns to eliminate the two Caucasian Shepherds or Ovcharkas, with the community leader of the village stating that they were probably strays as no ownership records could be found.

Cyprus declared free of foot and mouth disease

CYPRUS has been reinstated as a state free of foot and mouth disease (FMD), having eradicated the disease from its territory, after successfully dealing with the outbreaks recorded in 2007.

Carnival celebrations get underway

LIMASSOL yesterday entered carnival mode, with music playing all over town and events taking place throughout the day.

The highlight was the entry of King Carnival, accompanied by his entourage and a fireworks show.

Cyprus’ winter tourism is worst in recent memory

WINTER tourism for the 2007/2008 season was the worst in recent memory, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) said yesterday.

“We are coming out of a winter season that has been the worst in our experience,” CTO Director General Phoebe Katsouri told a conference of hoteliers in Nicosia. “We need to act now for 2008/2009.”