Three released in bombing case

THREE employees of the Ayios Tichonas Community Council, arrested on suspicion of placing a bomb outside a trophy factory on Tuesday, were yesterday released by Limassol District Court due to lack of evidence.

The court decided that statements made by the owner of the factory, Heracles Heracleous, in his deposition to the police, as well as the ‘incriminating items’ found on the suspects did not justify their imprisonment.

In searches carried out in their homes, police found tools necessary for creating bombs, such as tape and pipes, while there was also an unofficial statement implicating them in the case.

Heracleous had named the three as those who attempted to blow up his factory and had blamed it on recent adjustments made at the Council, from which he said the employees had been financially harmed.

Two more employees, who were in remand, were also freed as there was not sufficient evidence against them.

Deputy Mukhtar of Ayios Tichonas, Christos Pavlou, said that from the beginning he had been sure of his employees’ innocence, who he said had fallen victim to the pre-election battle.

Heracleous had handed in his resignation to the Council on Tuesday, because he said he feared for his and his family’s lives.