Lifestyle By Tracy Roth-Rotsas

Beach bar culture

If you want somewhere to pass the evening in Limassol, head to the beach where a whole host of new bars have sprung up

Beach bar culture has finally arrived in Limassol, with caf?s and bars sprining up on the beach itself. There are beach bars for the A-crowd, the in-crowd, the posers, those who like to watch, those who like to be watched, those who just don’t care and of course, the bohemian. If you’re not sure into which category you fall, then here’s a quick description of each – going from east to west – to help you make up your mind.

Guaba Beach Bar

Worried about dress-code? Don’t be. Despite wearing a casual summer dress, I felt that even this was too much when I stepped into this amazing hippie hideout. Somewhere between a Thai getaway and trendy Greek island retreat, there are proper chairs and tables if you want to be more formal; beanbags, cushions and a hammock swing for a little more comfort; and sunbeds should you need to lie down. D?cor is cool, relaxed and trippy, with loud music pumping out of obviously powerful speakers including lazy reggae, zooped-up mixes of pop and commercial tracks, with catchy tunes such as ‘Horny’ and a bit of underground on the weekend. Staff are not-so-easily distinguished by a stamp of Guaba somewhere on their anatomy, which makes for interesting conversation.
Prices are a little on the high side, however you get what you pay for. Or is it location, location, location? Either way, it’s worth the extra for both the view and the vibe. Leading DJs and regular events are planned throughout.
Where: Amathunda Ave
Contact: 99 520129
Open: 9am-3am
Essentials: Pint £2, water £0.50, frapp? £2
Category: Casual

Dream Caf? Beach Bar

This beach bar has lovely gardens in front, so is peaceful enough though by no means as heavenly as suggested by the name. Menu consists of a mix of salads, sandwiches, snacks, ice-cream and desserts. Nice plastic chairs – not the run-of-the-mill ones you have on your balcony – ensure that there is no particular dress code, and my impression was that even a swimsuit would be just fine. There is a huge parking area available, despite a steep decline to get into it. The friendly service is appreciated, though English is not a first language here and Greek music plays in the background, which is great if you’re a fan.
Where: Opposite the Esso Station, Agios Tychonas
Contact: 99 498791
Open: 9am-1am
Essentials: Pint £1.50, water £0.50, frapp? £1.70
Category: Happy plastic

Armonia (Harmony) Caf? Restaurant

Blink and you’ll miss this place, despite the fact it’s been around for a while now and don’t make the mistake of staying upstairs in what seems a somewhat deserted place. Downstairs, right next to the seafront pathway, multi-coloured plastic chairs and tables dot the lawn in front, offering a magnificent view of calm, deep blue waters, obstructed only briefly by the odd passer-by walking along the path. Just one young guy, who is helpful enough, staffs the caf? which surprisingly enough offers a very comprehensive menu including fish ‘n chips for under a fiver and steak for under a tenner. Quick service if it’s busy is not guaranteed, but a smile is. It’s as equally lovely a pitstop for serious walkers as leisurely strollers, but not a party haven in the evening if that’s what you’re after.
Where: Opposite Arsinoe Hotel
Contact: 25 328083
Open: 9am-1am
Essentials: Pint: £1.40, water £0.70, frapp? £1.50
Category: Happy plastic

Drops Caf? Beach Bar

Just open, this posh place oozing finesse with its trendy bendy bar stools and comfy wicker chairs caters to the beachgoer during the day and the partygoer at night. Great for subtle people-watching as the sea is “just there”. Beware, there is a dress code after 11pm at which time the price of beer also goes up by a pound! Salad, sandwiches and grilled items served until 10pm from quite an impressive open kitchen. Regular events and live DJs are scheduled for the summer under the banner “Summer Events 06”. A bit of a “place to be”, with exceptionally friendly staff.
Where: 17, Amathunda Ave
Contact: 25 310310
Open: 9am-3am
Essentials: Pint £2-3, water £1, frapp? £2.20
Category: Posh but Nice

Pralina By The Sea

Pralina originally started at Park Beach Hotel and returns there every winter. Summer, however, is spent a couple of kilometres east, with wide rattan-style lounge sofas and a handful of sunbeds on the beach. It’s one of the few places that doesn’t have the walkway run past the front, so offers that little bit more privacy. The menu, including meats, fish, and pasta is huge and offered until midnight. In fact, food is more the focus here than the drinks, though it is still a popular meeting place for Cypriots. Young, energetic staff proudly announce that more well-known DJs such as DJ John Michael Tsiros have played there and that several special events are planned for the rest of the summer, though details of these are yet to emerge.
Where: Georgiou A Street (near the traffic lights for Mouttiayiaka highway turnoff)
Contact: 25 812291
Open: 9am – 2am
Essentials: Large bottle beer (no draught) £3.50, water £1.50, frapp? £2.20
Category: Posh but Nice

Pebbles Beach Bar & Caf?

One of the first “beach bars” to set up shop and start the trend. D?cor is very inspiring and definitely welcoming on every level: there are bean bags in the archways of the entrance; modish silver bar stools in the main bar; snug sofas and coffee tables that would look great in my lounge for more relaxing conversation; and oversized bean bags actually on the beach. Aside from snacks such as sandwiches and ice-cream, the focus here is on the drinks. Although a small cocktail menu is available, most people tend to go for spirits. Minimum entry age is 21 and despite no actual dress code being in place, “nice” clothes are “strongly recommended”. Mostly frequented by Cypriots.
Where: Georgiou A Street, Yermasogeia
Contact: 25 322277
Open: 11am-3am
Essentials: Pint £3, water £1, frapp? £2.50
Category: Posh but Nice

Flo Caf?

This was one of the biggest surprises. Although I was expecting a bit of a snobby posh place, I discovered that it was quite the opposite. Flo Caf?, specialising in coffee (they serve 21 different types!), has found a way of making all ages and nationalities feel relaxed without compromising quality or service. Most noticeable is the contented buzz of conversation hanging in the air. The choice of seating is comfortable regardless: director-style chairs, large sofas and spacey bar stools and in the background funky music plays at just the right volume, not to drown out those playing cards, backgammon or having simple conversation. The menu (itself very professionally presented) is mostly lunch-type items.
‘Table’ service (if you can call going to a sunbed, table service) is actually available everywhere – also a nice touch with such a relaxed place. So is the fact that everything is served with a glass of water.
Where: Georgiou A Street, Yermasogeia
Contact: 25 879610
Open: 10am-1am
Essentials: Pint £2.50, water £0.60, frapp? £2.20
Category: Casual

Breeze Bar

Also brand new, Breeze Bar is the only establishment situated (somewhat) on the beach, which is purely a bar. Actually it’s more like an open-air nightclub with fabulous lights, powerful sound system, minimum age entry of 20 and dress code/ face control. Open evenings only, it is the meeting point for some of the wealthiest and well-known Cypriots and Russians in Limassol. Indeed, they have – and sell – Crystal Rose champagne for £1,000 a bottle! Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights are busiest with only a sea of heads visible after midnight. Music is a mix of European hits, Latin a
nd a splash of Greek. Reservations highly recommended.
Where: Georgiou A Street, Yermasogeia
Where: 25 321294
Open: 10pm-3am
Essentials: Small bottled beer £4, water £2, no coffee, spirits £4
Category: A-crowd only

Tempo Bar & Grill

Another new addition to the Limassol scene is Tempo whose modern architecture alone has generated a stir. Set back off the beach with a path through the trees leading to the sea, Tempo does tend to feel like it’s a little removed and not in the centre of a tourist strip. Chic d?cor including transparent chairs gives a more “expensive” look to the place, despite most items – some sounding quite delicious – on the menu only costing between £3 and £5. The kitchen stays open till 11pm. Slightly out of place is the large flat TV screen which has been mounted above the bar which I assumed was for the World Cup coverage.
Where: Georgiou A Street
Contact: 99 061508
Open: 9am-2.30am
Essentials: Pint £1.75, water £1, frapp? £1.50
Category: Posh but nice


Much more of a food place than one for drinks, Apothekes offers an extensive menu specialising in souvlaki and grilled items in addition to the traditional snack menu offered by all. Set in tones of cream, which almost blend with the walkway, the clientele tends to be beachgoers stopping for lunch, rather than locals meeting for a coffee.
Where: 28th October Street, opposite Noi Cuisina
Contact: 99 430714
Essentials: Pint £1.60, water £0.60, frapp? £1.70
Category: Casual


This cute caf? with its bright orange d?cor and central location is in a convenient spot for people-watching, meeting friends or even just having a rest. Located right on the beach, its friendly and outgoing staff ensure that even if you’re on your own, you don’t feel self-conscious. That said, drinks are served from the counter in plastic or paper cups with straws and many people drink their beers straight from the bottle, so image is not particularly important here.
Where: 28th October Street, opp Zoological gardens
Contact: 96 535780
Open: 8am-midnight
Essentials: Pint £1.50, water £0.50, frapp? £1.50
Category: Casual


One of the busiest cafes, Thalassaki (which is actually called Thalassaki, The Little Caf?) means Little Sea. The atmosphere here is almost electric – if that’s possible at midday in sweltering heat – as the two young men behind the self-service counter strive to fulfil the mass of orders. Even by late afternoon, business is still booming: kids, couples, groups of friends, older people – all mingled up together. Situated right on the main seafront walkway and with a large stretch of beach in front, childrens’ squeals can be heard over the repetitive whooshing of the tide. Very light snacks including chips, donuts, hot dogs, pizzas and the like provide an instant fix for hungry beachgoers who don’t want to cross the road to the kiosk opposite.
Where: Ch. Hadjipavlou Street, Molos area
Contact: 99 692444
Open: 8am-2am
Essentials: Pint £1.50, water £0.50, frapp? £1.50
Category: Casual

Golden Beach Bar Restaurant

Situated smack bang on Ladies’ Mile beach, and recently completely renovated, this restaurant/ bar offers a huge indoor and outdoor seating area. During the day there are beach games too, so this is definitely a place for families! A full menu is offered all day long with very reasonable prices for food and drinks and at night the outdoor area transforms into a party scene with international DJs scheduled to appear throughout the summer. Despite being a bit out of the way, it’s worth the trek for the long, inviting stretch of beach, yummy food and entertainment. Impressively, instead of the traditional plastic chairs and tables, there is a wooden outside bar and bamboo furniture which is both comfy and cosy. Music is a happy mix of everything.
Where: Ladies’ Mile beach (3rd restaurant along)
Contact: 96 304050, 99 886641
Open: 9am – 2am
Essentials: Pint £1.50, water £0.50, frapp? £1.50
Category: Casual