Like a bargain?

If you love to browse a fleamarket in Limassol could be just the place

I LOVE having a good old rummage round the shops and enjoy the bunfight that the sales can turn into as much as the next person, so I was eager to have a good ferret around at the new indoor flea market at Asomatos.

Let the good times roll

Food, music, swamps. A three-day trip to New Orleans

THREE days in New Orleans! “‘Let the good times roll’ is the motto of this city nestled along a crescent-shaped turn of the Mississippi River,” claims the official bumf. “More than a melting pot, New Orleans is a ‘gumbo’ of Native American, Spanish, French, German, African, Irish and Anglo influences”.

It’s that time of year again

Katy Turner is aghast at the thought of kitting her son out with his first school uniform
HALF way through the summer and although the complaints about how long (and hot) the school holidays are, there is a new issue on the horizon: going back to school.

Potty about his art

Bowls, plates, cups take on a life of their own when they are created by a pottery in Lemba

“THE most exciting piece of pottery is the lump of clay sitting on my wheel,” says Lemba-based George Georgiades, and that sort of sums up this man.

Journey of the senses

The smells from Le Meridien’s signature treatment are almost as good as the feeling of total relaxation

About town with Ambrosia

All or nothing…
The sales are on so it’s time for a bit of binge shopping

AFTER your summer holiday is over, once your two-week long-awaited break has finally finished do you find yourself sitting in the kitchen staring at your coffee and setting new goals, like it’s the New Year or something? Are you detoxing again? Just because you drank like a fish in Paphos or Patmos?


Have you ever walked into a shop or a business and been given ‘the face’? The face is the expression reserved for use by retail assistants. It is perhaps the same face you would pull if a shipment of rats rocked up to your house to deliver the bubonic plague. It may be the heat, or I may be giving out ‘go on hate me’ vibes, but it seems I have been getting the face a lot at present.

Valuable essential oil

Eucalyptus is a tree that is a member of the Myrtaceae family, with over 600 varieties. It is native to Australia, where they are known as gums, but they now grow throughout warmer climates. Some eucalypts grow to over 90m.