Protecting the rights of domestic help employers: are they serious?

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the employers of foreign domestic workers, driven to set up an association for the protection of their rights from abuse by their employees?

My eyes almost popped out when I read the story in yesterday’s Cyprus Mail. What? Domestic workers abusing their employers?

Are we really talking about those domestic workers who often leave children behind back home to come and work six days a week, 12 hours a day, for £150 a month in Cypriot homes – and that’s if their employers are treating them well?

So what are the employers’ complaints? That the girls they bring over at terrible cost then leave their employ to work freelance where they can get more money.

How dare they! Do they not realise that they are breaching the contract of their modern day serfdom – leaving their employers in the lurch, forced to make the beds and do the washing up until a replacement can be found. What a breach of their human rights indeed!

Come on, how many of those employers have themselves switched jobs because another was offering more cash, leaving their previous employer in the lurch?

Is it not a basic right to seek a better situation for yourself? It’s about time we realised that the foreign workers we bring over are entitled to the same rights that we expect for ourselves, that they are not an object that we own and can do with as we please.

Katherine Nicolaou, Limassol