What now for Europe?

THE FRENCH rejection of the EU Constitution has cast serious doubt on the future of the ‘treaty of treaties’ with EU leaders yesterday finding themselves in unchartered territory.

Cancer campaign blasts ‘care conspiracy’

A CANCER support group yesterday charged the government with secretly acting to close down the Oncology Department at the Nicosia General Hospital in order to purchase services from the Bank of Cyprus (BoC) Oncology Centre.

Taking the pulse for talks

UN Undersecretary for Political Affairs Sir Kieran Prendergast said yesterday that he was under no illusion regarding the difficulties in moving forward on the Cyprus issue.

Tourists spending less on Cyprus holidays

INDIVIDUAL spending by tourists dropped by an average of five per cent between 2003 and 2004, with total revenue slipping 3.1 per cent, or £32 million, in the same period.

Turkish Cypriot businesses upbeat after trade fair first

THE TURKISH Cypriot Chamber of Trade chairman Salih Tunar said yesterday the 53 Turkish Cypriot traders that took part in the 30th Cyprus International Fair had no regrets at their participation.

“I believe we achieved our aim,” the north’s Chamber of Industry chairman Salih Tunar told the Cyprus Mail yesterday.

Hopes rise for deal on later retirement

FINANCE Minister Makis Keravnos yesterday said talks on extending retirement age in the public sector from 60 to 63 were going well, indicating that a decision might be taken some time in the next few days.

Deterred by traffic crackdown?

UNFAZED by stiffer fines, wayward drivers continue to flaunt the law and break every rule in the book, police statistics suggest.

‘Nothing illegal about flying in to north’

ENTERING Cyprus through Ercan [Tymbou] airport in the north is not illegal, said US Congressman Ed Whitfield, leader of an 11-person delegation that flew in through the north to visit Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat yesterday.

Pay up if you want to know about Atlantis

ATLANTIS researcher Robert Sarmast has launched a members section on his official website, where those interested in updates on his findings during last year’s expedition will have to pay $20 a month to receive information.