Greek Press

ALITHIA: “Nicosia blocking developments in Cyprus problem”. The daily reported that Nicosia was raising two obstacles on the issue of direct trade with the north: in the first place it is avoiding taking initiatives to avoid pressure in light of the European decision on Turkey. On the other hand it is trying to avert a decision from being taken to prevent a similar decision from the UN Security Council.

HARAVGHI: “No criminal offence”. The communist daily reported that the police was not planning to change its suggestions in the case concerning Health Minister Dina Akkelidou: that there was no criminal offence in sending a letter to a judge asking her to be lenient to a drugs suspect. The minister has testified that the letter was send by a ministry employee and that she sought to take the responsibility after the issue became public.

MACHI: “Disarming the National Guard”. The nationalist daily charged that Nicosia and Athens have given in to pressure from the US to withdraw American weapons from the National Guard. According to its “exclusive information”, the governments of Greece and Cyprus decided to satisfy the American demand, which is an unfortunate development for the force’s operational ability.

SIMERINI: “Arif Mustafa selling his property”. Simerini commented that Turkish Cypriot Arif Mustafa who has just won a court appeal for the return of his property, is causing new headaches for the government by threatening to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights if he does not get permission to sell his wife’s property in Limassol. The daily reported that the property concerned 173 donums of land worth £160,000.

POLITIS: “Storm of Turkish Cypriot appeals”. The daily reported yesterday that at least 100 appeals are expected to be filed by Turkish Cypriots for the return of their property in the government-controlled areas. Turkish Cypriot lawyers have collected information on the cases and have already approached Greek Cypriot colleagues to present them in court. If the information is confirmed, it would mean that the problem is taking on huge social and political dimensions, the daily said.

PHILELEFTHEROS: “Constructions in the air”. Commenting on the recent collapse of a newly-built staircase, which killed to foreign workers, the daily quotes experts who made serious charges regarding the irregularities in the building industry. The experts also censured the fact that the state itself leased buildings, which were built through illegal procedures. The irregularities, which led to the double death are not new to the industry but instead they are common practices in the island’s building industry, especially Paphos.