Record bookings in car clampdown

A POLICE campaign to clamp down on traffic violations in Larnaca resulted in the booking of 126 motorists in just four hours.

Police said during their campaign in the Larnaca district, officers booked 126 people for various traffic violations from 10am to 2pm on Friday.

According to a police bulletin, two foreigners and three adolescents were booked for driving without a licence, 17 people stopped for driving without a seatbelt, and 31 drivers were done for talking on their mobile phones.

Traffic police also stopped 53 people for speeding in built-up areas, seven for riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, one for driving without registration and one person was booked for not being insured.

Three more people were booked for driving without number plates on their cars, three for carrying extra passengers, one for not having a protective grill installed on his car and another person for driving with an expired licence. Three people were also booked because their passengers were standing.