Greek Press

PHILELEFTHEROS: “Higher prices for soda and water” Minister of Commerce George Lillikas said the government was considering measures against profiteering that would make it illegal to sell soft drinks and water produced and packaged in Cyprus at more than a specified price, adding the problem was particularly acute in tourist areas during the summer months. But the minister pointed out this might lead to outlets stocking imported drinks which they could sell at high prices to maximise profits.

POLITIS: “Drivers Aid… From MMAD” When Minister of Justice Doros Theodorou said the police would soon be seen as friends to the public instead of cops he was right. Men from MMAD were seen changing a young Chinese woman’s car tyre in the centre of Nicosia. The paper says the public hopes to see more of this display of sensitivity, as it will improve relations between the police and citizens, though it points out that MMAD might be accused of neglecting their duties by busying themselves with non-police matters.

ALITHIA: “Serious injuries and arrests at Tsirion Stadium” Several football fans were injured and arrested when brawls broke out after the Apollonas-Apoel match at the Tsirion Stadium in Limassol on Sunday. The hospital was inundated with people having difficulty breathing after police fired tear gas to break up the brawls. Twelve people were arrested for causing trouble. The havoc began after Apoel beat Apollonas 1-0. Boys as young as 13 began throwing stones at police and six of them were arrested.

HARAVGHI: “Fear of more bloodshed” Police are continuing investigations into the murder of 30-year-old Pavlos Michalis Hadjicosta, but have yet to find any substantial leads as no suspects or people brought in for questioning have been able to shed any light on the matter. The case became more involved when a small amount of cocaine was found in a ring worn by the victim when he was murdered arousing suspicion as to whether this was a drug related case. Since the murder of Hadjicosta on Saturday, police have tightened security measures to ensure the safety of other people whose lives may be at risk.

SIMERINI: “Target the white death” The Cyprus Anti Drugs Association is to crack down on the smuggling of drugs to and from the north of Cyprus. The most popular drugs being smuggled are heroin, hash and cannabis, although a recent find of ecstasy tablets was also thought to have come from the north. Drug users in the south looking for cheap drugs can easily find them in the occupied areas. The secret services have suspects under surveillance to stop smuggling of drugs across Cyprus. This is a great concern for the police and proves that Cyprus must face the problem of drugs.

THARROS: “He abused her with a shoe” A young man violently abused his fiancée because she refused to terminate her pregnancy. Larnaca police arrested Varnavas Gregoriou, 21, for beating his 18-year-old fiancée Paraskevi Fotiou. He allegedly asked her to terminate the pregnancy but when Fotiou refused he began to kick her and beat her. Evidence proves that he did in fact inflict physical abuse on her. He allegedly confessed to the police that all he wanted was for her to terminate the pregnancy.