Weather causes mayhem across the country

By Stefanos Evripidou

CYPRIOTS battled against the elements yesterday as heavy snow continued to fall, backed by wind, rain, hail and frost, closing tens of schools, blowing down trees and causing 36 road accidents, while cutting off 19 villages across the island from the outside world.

Cassoulides to challenge for DISY leadership

By a Staff Reporter

OUTGOING Foreign Minister Yiannakis Cassoulides yesterday announced he would run for the DISY Presidency, challenging current leader Nicos Anastassiades for leadership of the party.

The announcement comes in the run-up to party elections on March 23, at a time when internal party splits are still raw following DISY’s defeat in the Presidential elections.

Heavy blow as bank profits slump

By a Staff Reporter

THE ISLAND’S two biggest banks, both anchors of the Cyprus Stock Exchange, yesterday announced painful annual results for 2002.

Bank of Cyprus reported a 70.1 per cent slump in pre-tax profit to £17.5 million due to higher provisions and investment write-downs, the bank said.

Greek bank sees decline in 2002 profits

By a Staff Reporter

THE NATIONAL Bank of Greece, which had 31 branches in Cyprus in the last quarter of 2001, released the results of the Group and the parent company for the financial year ending December 31, 2002.

Bases offer: proof they no longer need the land?

By Jean Christou

BRITAIN on Monday offered to hand back almost half of its 98 square-mile territory as part of a Cyprus solution: why now, and – if the land is of no military value – why not sooner?

According to the proposal, presented by British special envoy Lord David Hannay, Britain would give up some 45 square miles in the event of a solution to the Cyprus problem.

Among the highest paid teachers in Europe

By a Staff Reporter

STATE schoolteachers in Cyprus are among the best paid in Europe, according to figures released by Eurostat.

The figures show that based on Cyprus’ GNP per capita, Cypriot teachers are the third highest in a list of EU and candidate countries.