Caviar on the menu?

CYPRUS could be on the verge of joining the caviar trade, if efforts to breed sturgeon at the government’s Fresh Water Fish Research Centre in Kalopanayiotis are successful.

The centre’s primary objective is to breed trout and a variety of other fish to re-stock dams and commercial fish farms.

Parliament to probe claims of property sales in the north

THE HOUSE Refugee Committee yesterday launched an investigation into allegations that Cypriot businessmen were illegally exploiting properties in the occupied areas.

AKEL deputy Aristophanis Georgiou, who brought the matter to public attention last week, yesterday tabled it before the parliamentary committee that he chairs.

Heavy jail term for drug dealing tourists

TWO British tourists were yesterday jailed for three years by the Famagusta Assizes for trafficking in ecstasy tablets at the holiday resort of Ayia Napa.

Lee Mortimer, 22 and Paul Hartely, 25, both from Burnley in Lancashire, were found guilty of trafficking and possession of a class A drug, and a charge of assaulting a police office, causing actually bodily harm.

British ‘holding back’ information on new antenna

THE BRITISH bases are handicapping efforts to assess the health impact of a huge Akrotiri antenna that sparked anti-bases riots earlier this month, the Cypriot team assessing emissions from the planned mast claimed yesterday.

Disgraced cleric: “I’ll tell all if I’m not reinstated”

DISGRACED archimandrite Andreas Constantinides went back on the allegations warpath yesterday, threatening to “expose” bishops and priests unless the Holy Synod lifted his suspension for leading a campaign to label Bishop Athanassios of Limassol gay.

Bahrain says Cypriots arrested on fake bank guarantee charge

FEARS were growing last night for two prominent Cypriot businessmen detained in Bahrain, after the official Gulf News Agency reported the arrest of five Cypriot and Jordanian businessmen suspected of trying to use a fake bank guarantee for $50 million.

Police probe tourist rape claim

POLICE are investigating allegations that an 18-year-old British tourist was raped in her hotel room in Ayia Napa on Sunday night.

Mayor blasts ‘unfair’ policing of tourist area

YERMASOYIA Mayor Panicos Louroudjiatis has accused the police of unfair treatment, charging that the policing of tourist areas in the Limassol district was inadequate “in contrast with the policing of areas in Famagusta” district.

New tests into Akrotiri antenna emissions

CYPRIOT experts will this week examine whether British aerials at RAF Akrotiri pose a threat to the health of residents living nearby.

Akrotiri residents insist there is a link between cancer cases in the area and electromagnetic emissions from the antennae.