‘Crucified by the modern-day Pharisees’

LIKE Christ on Golgotha, the people of Cyprus continue to suffer a Calvary of persecution in their struggle for freedom from Turkish occupation, Archbishop Chrysostomos has said in his Easter message.

Politics dominate Easter messages

PARTIES yesterday issued their messages to the nation ahead of Orthodox Easter Sunday tomorrow, invariably focusing on the Cyprus problem.

Governing Disy said Cypriot Hellenism was preparing to celebrate Easter "with the deep faith that after Golgotha comes the resurrection."

Three killed in road accidents

THREE people were killed and another 3 injured in two traffic accidents in the Limassol area on Thursday night.

The first accident happened just after 10pm when a car collided with a motorcycle as it tried to turn into Kolonaki Street.

Strong debut for Demetra

DEMETRA made its entrance on the stock market at a premium of 16 per cent yesterday as one of the largest listings to date opened at the top end of analysts’ predictions.

Government and hoteliers agree compromise tax deal

BOTH Commerce Minister Nicos Rolandis and Zacharias Ioannides, Director-general of the Cyprus Hotel Association said they were satisfied with yesterday’s "consensus" over re-imposing two old taxes on hotels.

Former ambassador to Cyprus named State Department spokesman

RICHARD A. Boucher, US ambassador to Cyprus 1993-96, has been appointed as spokesman for the US State Department headed by Madeline Albright.

It will be Boucher’s second innings in the job, which he held from 1989 to 1993, but he is confident that the challenges are still fresh.

Committee ponders fate of oil refinery

COMMERCE Minister Nicos Rolandis yesterday said the question of whether or not to upgrade or close the Larnaca petroleum refinery had been deliberated by a special ministerial committee and would go before the Council of Ministers "sometime in May."