Residents claim circus pulling spectators with false price offers

By Martin Hellicar

AN ITALIAN circus currently performing in Ayia Napa is pulling in spectators with false promises of low entry charges, tourists and local residents have complained.

The ‘Roma’ circus has been distributing “£1 off” vouchers around the tourist resort. The vouchers advertise that tickets cost £7 for adults and £4 for children.

But, when people arrive at the circus tent, they are informed that tickets cost £10 for adults and £8 for children, disgruntled circus-goers claim.

An Ayia Napa boutique owner told the Cyprus Mailhow his wife was “taken in” by the “bogus” offer.

“My three nieces were visiting and my wife thought she’d take them to the circus as she had four £1 off vouchers,” the expatriate said. “She expected to pay £6 for herself and £3 for each of the children, a total of £15. But once she got there she was charged £6 for the children and £9 for herself,” he said.

She argued with the ticket-master but he apparently said he could not speak English. “The children were playing-up so she paid and went in,” he said. “They overcharged us £12, and they’re not just doing it to us but to tourists as well,” the shop-owner said.

He went down to complain to the circus manager, but he said he spoke neither English nor Greek, only Italian.

Ayia Napa police told the shop-owner to talk to the municipality, who licensed the circus to come to town.

But trying to lodge a complaint with the Ayia Napa municipality proved a futile exercise, he said.

The Mailtried to broach the matter of the alleged ticket scam with the municipality but got no response.

“It’s like you coming into my boutique and asking how much a shirt is and I say £20. Then you try it on and say you’ll buy it and I tell you its £25,” the aggrieved shop-owner said.